Lion Sambhu Nath Agarwala is a Charter member of Lions Club of Kalna , Purba Bardhaman

and is elected as the 2nd Vice District Governor of District 322C3 at the 19th Annual District

Conference held at Bankura on 11th March, 2018.

Lion Agarwala was born on 10th April, 1951 in a respectable business family at Ambika Kalna,

Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal. His father, Late Ram Kumar Agarwala was also a Lion and

was a reputed social worker . Lion Sambhu Nath Agarwala was a meritorious student in his

childhood and after completion of schooling period subsequently he became a bachelor of

science in Chemistry from Kalna College. Soon after the graduation, when he was only 20, he

joined his father's business of jute. Within years, he started his own business of decorators.

Achieving success in the same, he started his new business getting lease of an old rice mill.

Soon he established a new rice mill namely R.K Industries at Lichutala, Kalna, Purba bardhaman

in partnership with his wife and now he is a reputed businessman and partner of M/S R.K


Having outstanding record in the field of Social & Welfare activities Lion Agarwala is a man of

simplicity, soft spoken, humble, submissive, Amiable and always meets the people with

smiling face. Lion Sambhu is the main architect for formation of Lions Club of Kalna. After

serving almost all the important posts, he became president of the club in the year 1985. He

maintained an outstanding track record while shouldering the responsibilities at club and district

level since his joining till date. He achieved 100% President award in the district several times

(1985-86,86-87,89-90,90-91) and also secured Best ZC ( 1993-94 )and Best RC ( 1996-97 )

award at district level. At international level, he was honoured with almost half a dozen

appreciation certificates. Besides attending many district and multiple conferences, Lion Agarwala

attended ISSAME Area Forum and International Convention many times.

Lion Agarwala is holding numbers of responsible positions as a Social leader. He is a Life

Member of Indian Red Cross Society, President and Life Member of Kalna Chamber of Commerce

and small scale Industries, Chairman of Lions Club of Kalna Welfare Trust. He took an important

role in foundation of Kalna Lions Eye Hospital, now-a-days which is running very satisfactorily.

He holds the position of the Chairman of Badla Vivekananda B.Ed College and the founder

member of a nursery school namely Lion Benoy Sen Smriti Sishu Tirtha. Lion Agarwala is one

of the chief donors in foundation of RAM KUMAR AGARWALA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, established

by Lions Club of Guskara.

Lion Sambhu Nath Agarwala is a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow. He is a Bihari Agarwal

Fellow and also a Life Member of DFF. He has sponsored more than 50 new Lion members till

date and inducted a numbers of established people into Lionism. He has extended a good

number of new Lions Clubs. In this long period as a lion for more than 35 years, Lion Agarwala

has great contribution towards many clubs in making them strong.

Lion Agarwala is happily married to Usha, who is also a Lion. They are blessed with two sons,

namely Amit and Binit ; both of them are also Lion members and are reputedly engaged in their

industries. Lion Sambhu and Usha are also blessed with a granddaughter